How to play:

  1. Click here to download game
  2. Unzip
  3. Run Jolf.exe

How to create mods:

  1. Click here to download project files
  2. Unzip
  3. Open Jolf.uproject in Unreal Engine 4.26.2
  4. View examples courses in Content/Maps
  5. Create a mod under Modding > Create Mod using the Flat Map template
  6. Par and hole order can be configured on each BP_Hole you place
  7. Place a JolfPlayerStart for each hole with corresponding Hole Index
  8. Create a JolfLevelDefinition DataAsset for your map

How to share mods:

  1. Open Modding > Package Mod and click the name of your mod
  2. Copy the exported folder from Jolf/Mods/ (your mod name) /Saved/StagedBuilds/WindowsNoEditor/Jolf/Mods/ (your mod name)
  3. Create a folder named Mods in the client's Jolf folder
  4. Paste the (your mod name) folder into the client's Jolf/Mods folder